Life's not fair I guess. I also kinda don't think she is one. I think Maya whatsername is for sure but like--JK Rowling!?! The creator of my childhood? I can't with this, yo. I can't. I don't? I don't! Hmmm


I don't understand. Honestly the episode comes to zero conclusions. I bamble. I ramble. I bullshit and I stumble. I confuse myself often.

We go totally nuts with an hour and a half long episode about final fantasy. It's a general overview of the series, so don't get too mad about how much we leave out. There is TOO MUCH to cover in one episode. Way too much. It would be impossible.


We identified with this game growing up, and we know we can't be the only queers in the world that found solace in the Final Fantasy game series. It is soooo fantastic. It's not actually outwardly queer or gay in any direct sense, so don't be pissed at us for "queering" something you think isn't queer. It's our perspective on the series, as flaming queers. 


The music on this episode was a bit of a daunting task. MIDI is not always best played on real instruments, but I did my best. If you love a certain final fantasy song and want to hear a cover, just leave it in the comments on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube or Wordpress.


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We're going head first into TERF turf this week ya'll. We don't hold anything back, but we also aren't exactly going to burn down the smurf/terf village and ban them from society. Tune in to see my suggestions on what we should do with TERF's, why they're important, and what they symbolize for the gay community. 

This is a particularly ranty one 

Spoiler alert: I will offend most everyone with this episode. Except, of course, for rational people who don't hate others for sport. Not very friendly for those who get high off contempt and/or pity

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Becky here with some pro tips for some bro/ho nitwits. Similar 20 minute guide for SOLO orgasm coming soon. Everyone deserves to cum! Everyone is invited to the party! Lets all learn how to better understand our female partners' tits and bits. Its never too late or too early to start making women orgasm regularly with ease, I give you a 3-step guide to making your life a guaranteed festival of love.

1. Communication

2. Trust

3. Physical Tips

Episode goes in that order. Starts with a brief bit about CONSENT. CONSENT IS ESSENTIAL, YA'LL. MANDATORY, NO EXCEPTIONS. If she can't respond because she's too drunk or high? She can't consent. Check out this great article about consent from planned parenthood that covers all of the murky gray areas around consent. I don't think they're very murky, but unfortunately I think that people don't always value a woman's sexual experience as much as a man's. If that makes you mad, check out this episode thats all about having sex and feeling free! And making intimate emotional connections with your partner. Again, solo orgasm episode coming soon


July 15, 2018

Sexual Fantasy w/b

Sexual fantasies can be too much. Should we feel shame about weird dreams or sexual associations? tune in w/b lemmekno

July 13, 2018

Gender ect w/b

Gender?! I hardly know her/him/they/them/it/xe/fae/ae/xi. Also has a brief intro to intersex people, as well as loads of stuff that will hopefully make your head explode. w/b

The Vixen is on my mind today guys! I address a lot of the biggest concerns with the Vixen, not all of them though. Eureka is mentioned, don't be triggered!!

July 12, 2018


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Homophobia is on myyyyy miiiiindd! Listen to me guess about why people are so homophobic in this episode

July 12, 2018

Asexuality w/b

Asexuality is in the spotlight tonight y'all and you bet its gonna get it gud. Omg right stop hypersexualizing everything ur embarassing me W/B YESSS SMAKIT

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