November 6, 2019


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Becky breaks down Transtrenders and other myths and monsters. Spoiler alert--nobody is trendy. Except for like, the super trendy people I guess. There are so many stylish and trendy trans folk. But-- their gender isn't the trendy part. 

Hey Everybody! We’re Celebrating Stonewall’s 50th anniversary like everyone else with a queer podcast on this earth. We’re doing it differently, cuz its my show not theirs. You will probably hate it, it's probably wrong, it's probably rude, it's probably offensive. I did my best. Shout out to the revolutionaries who paved the way for my loud, rude, queer ass to fuck it up. At least I didn't put vaseline on a float (this time)

We are back with the second episode of the music series!! Teleporting back to the 1920's, we talk about the women of blues. These brave women freed our souls for rock and roll, and Elvis took all the credit. What a jackass, amirite. We talk about Mamie Smith, Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, Ida Cox, Alberta Hunter, Billie Holiday (just because duh), Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Memphis Minnie, Anita O'Day, Big Mama Thornton, and a little bit of Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan just because I couldn't help myself. 

Click Here for the link to the playlist on Spotify!


Stay tuned for MANY MORE EPISODES of the music series. We have SO MANY PLANNED. A whole episode dedicated to Dolly Parton, a whole episode dedicated to Tegan and Sara. There will be a Country Queers episode guaranteed. The next episode is going to cover more lady killers who kill me, but from the 1945-1960 time frame. 

Here is the link to the Indiegogo page for SLH's new film endeavor, "Chemistry Eases the Pain"!


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I have a lot of "sexuality" episodes. This one is somehow nothing like the others. We talk about everything from Logan Paul to John Locke. Time to get ENLIGHTENED, YA'LL. Self-concept here we go. Nah forreal I think sexuality is one of the most important subjects we could talk about. So, I ranted about it for an hour. Am I factual? Am I correctical? MMmhmmm ok sure. Are fruit loops made with fruit? It's surprisingly not at all dirty. I don't think I ever even talk about genitals or gonads. Very little mention of weenies. I do tell a rather upsetting and boring story about a straight white guy with an anal obsession. It isn't exactly the most uplifting episode, but it also kind of IS the most uplifting episode. Who even knows with this, ya'll.

Next up is another episode of the music series, but I also have a lot of other episodes planned. Will make them when I have the time. It takes like, four-hundred times more time than you think it does to do one of these thingies.

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I have six artist recommendations. Briefly discuss all of them. I have a playlist on spotify all setup. 

Not a crazy amount of detail, mostly just recommending a bunch of queer music.

Episode One covers:

-Troye Sivan

-King Princess

-girl in red

-The Japanese House

-Hayley Kiyoko

-Kailee Morgue

-Kimya Dawson


Also check out this cover of Troye Sivan's "BITE" played on tuba, trombone and other shit.

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We dive deep into She-Ra. What a blessing to be able to watch this show. BEST SHOW EVER, AMIRITE!? 
Seriously though, it has ruined all other activities for me. I can't really enjoy anything other than She-Ra anymore. Food is tasteless, music is meaningless, any kind of exercise is just going through the motions... all is lost unless I'm watching She-Ra. Wouldn't it be dope to be able to interview Noelle Stevenson? LMAO right thats supposed to be my job. Next time, I guess.



SHE'S REALLY GOOD AT TALKING, read it for proof

Love ya'll, stay tuned for the music series. I cannot even wait. My upgrades/updates are all through and all systems are go.

We go totally nuts with an hour and a half long episode about final fantasy. It's a general overview of the series, so don't get too mad about how much we leave out. There is TOO MUCH to cover in one episode. Way too much. It would be impossible.


We identified with this game growing up, and we know we can't be the only queers in the world that found solace in the Final Fantasy game series. It is soooo fantastic. It's not actually outwardly queer or gay in any direct sense, so don't be pissed at us for "queering" something you think isn't queer. It's our perspective on the series, as flaming queers. 


The music on this episode was a bit of a daunting task. MIDI is not always best played on real instruments, but I did my best. If you love a certain final fantasy song and want to hear a cover, just leave it in the comments on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube or Wordpress.


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We're going head first into TERF turf this week ya'll. We don't hold anything back, but we also aren't exactly going to burn down the smurf/terf village and ban them from society. Tune in to see my suggestions on what we should do with TERF's, why they're important, and what they symbolize for the gay community. 

This is a particularly ranty one 

Spoiler alert: I will offend most everyone with this episode. Except, of course, for rational people who don't hate others for sport. Not very friendly for those who get high off contempt and/or pity

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We take a deep dive into the Crash Pad Series feminist queer porn site. This place is absolutely amazing! I've never had a better experience watching porn in my life. I that for a lot of you, that bar might be kind of low. Put your bar up as high as you want, this website is going to surpass your expectation x10.

Guaranteed to totally blow your mind. They have something for everyone, too, with heavenly spire and Point of Contact. The pink label is dope. 

I focused on Crash Pad Series, because that's what I desperately wanted to see more of. It's also legendary in porn, groundbreaking and genre-defining. They've won lots of awards ect. blah blah

Take a peek here at their website, I cannot recommend it highly enough

Did I mention that you won't get any spam or pop-ups?

There are no ads. No banner ads, no dicks, no pop-up walls from hell. 

You will not see a penis unless you seek it out. Very impressive

Its just not like other porn sites, ya'll. Please, seriously, I wouldn't suggest some whackass pornsite that didn't have some serious merit. The merit is so real. I'm obsessed. 





Crash Pad Series Link


Pink Label On-Demand Services 


Heavenly Spire Masculine Sensuality


Point of Contact source of Emerging Pornographers


Complete Feminist Porn Award Winners

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Hey! We get super obsessed with gender dysphoria with this one. I barely talk about mtf, but in my defense I got super duper wormholed with the ftm youtubers (they are all SOOOOO mmmmm). 


also Jammi Dodger? Like wut.

theres also of course Stef Sanjati 

Also Riley J Dennis





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