Here is the playlist on Spotify click the link and follow the playlist! This playlist features Halsey, Big Freedia, Lauren Jauregui, Awkwafina, Princess Nokia, Junglepussy, Dai Burger, Quay Dash, Chynna, Kari Faux, Leikeli47, Kali Uchis, Lizzo, and Azealia Banks. I tell a little bit about each and ooze all over the place. Some are queer, some aren't. I am queer, however, so this playlist is queer by association. The artists aren't, however. Doesn't work on humans.

Hey Everybody! We're talking about Netflix's latest Queer Eye Season, the third one. I went to Jones BBQ to see if they still have their new sign. They do! Also the food is amazing. We sort through the episodes, I give my general impressions. 


Here is the link to the Trevor Project I mentioned in the beginning of the episode. Rest in Power, Nigel Shelby!

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Hey Everybody!

Just a general update over here from Mad About It. I started hormone therapy and things are changing faster than I can ignore, so I thought I'd go ahead and give some details. I still identify as nonbinary and don't really give a single bit of a shit about what anyone calls me, ever, in any circumstance. So, I'm not really sure if I'm coming out as anything. I'm going from being wherever to being wherever. Join me, and see if it makes any sense to you either. Makes no fucking sense over here. 

Heyyyyyyy Everybody!!

This playlist isn't particularly "queer" in a "traditional" "sense", I will inevitably piss the entire world off with associating anything queer about these artists. They are NOT!






I'm just a queer-them trapped in a cis-ya'll world. 

Patsy Cline

Nina Simone

Peggy Lee

Blossom Dearie

Dinah Washington

Ella Fitzgerald

Anita 'O Day

Sarah Vaughan

Etta James

Betty Carter

I appreciate the hell out of these artists. I also chose as many pronoun-neutral songs as possible. I love this playlist, give it a shot! 

Here is a link to the playlist on spotify



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We're going head first into TERF turf this week ya'll. We don't hold anything back, but we also aren't exactly going to burn down the smurf/terf village and ban them from society. Tune in to see my suggestions on what we should do with TERF's, why they're important, and what they symbolize for the gay community. 

This is a particularly ranty one 

Spoiler alert: I will offend most everyone with this episode. Except, of course, for rational people who don't hate others for sport. Not very friendly for those who get high off contempt and/or pity

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We take a deep dive into the Crash Pad Series feminist queer porn site. This place is absolutely amazing! I've never had a better experience watching porn in my life. I that for a lot of you, that bar might be kind of low. Put your bar up as high as you want, this website is going to surpass your expectation x10.

Guaranteed to totally blow your mind. They have something for everyone, too, with heavenly spire and Point of Contact. The pink label is dope. 

I focused on Crash Pad Series, because that's what I desperately wanted to see more of. It's also legendary in porn, groundbreaking and genre-defining. They've won lots of awards ect. blah blah

Take a peek here at their website, I cannot recommend it highly enough

Did I mention that you won't get any spam or pop-ups?

There are no ads. No banner ads, no dicks, no pop-up walls from hell. 

You will not see a penis unless you seek it out. Very impressive

Its just not like other porn sites, ya'll. Please, seriously, I wouldn't suggest some whackass pornsite that didn't have some serious merit. The merit is so real. I'm obsessed. 





Crash Pad Series Link


Pink Label On-Demand Services 


Heavenly Spire Masculine Sensuality


Point of Contact source of Emerging Pornographers


Complete Feminist Porn Award Winners


Hi All, today we're talking about bitterness. What is it? From whence does it hail? What do people say about it, what are their suggestions? How does anyone overcome bitterness? Is it possible? Or is bitterness just a personality flaw of some people? Are you mad yet? Right don't worry I would legit never make an episode bout how your personality is inherently bullshit ya'll WTF but anyway tune in CUZ MAYBE IT IS

August 3, 2018

L.O.G. 2am rant

How does a drunk becky go to sleep? Counting grievances of course. Mediocre and upsetting, some of my finest work.

July 31, 2018

Stereotypes w/bass

Stereotypes suck ya'll listen to me bitch. I love bad jokes as much as the next asshole but like freakin' come up with something witty kthx bass is in the mix

July 26, 2018

Hate Crimes

LGBT community-targeted hate crimes are the focus of today's episode. Details about the history of Hate Crime Laws and how it does and doesn't the queer community. Includes references to graphic violence. 

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