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We dive deep into She-Ra. What a blessing to be able to watch this show. BEST SHOW EVER, AMIRITE!? 
Seriously though, it has ruined all other activities for me. I can't really enjoy anything other than She-Ra anymore. Food is tasteless, music is meaningless, any kind of exercise is just going through the motions... all is lost unless I'm watching She-Ra. Wouldn't it be dope to be able to interview Noelle Stevenson? LMAO right thats supposed to be my job. Next time, I guess.



SHE'S REALLY GOOD AT TALKING, read it for proof

Love ya'll, stay tuned for the music series. I cannot even wait. My upgrades/updates are all through and all systems are go.

We go totally nuts with an hour and a half long episode about final fantasy. It's a general overview of the series, so don't get too mad about how much we leave out. There is TOO MUCH to cover in one episode. Way too much. It would be impossible.


We identified with this game growing up, and we know we can't be the only queers in the world that found solace in the Final Fantasy game series. It is soooo fantastic. It's not actually outwardly queer or gay in any direct sense, so don't be pissed at us for "queering" something you think isn't queer. It's our perspective on the series, as flaming queers. 


The music on this episode was a bit of a daunting task. MIDI is not always best played on real instruments, but I did my best. If you love a certain final fantasy song and want to hear a cover, just leave it in the comments on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube or Wordpress.


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